Brain Pop!

Brain Pop is a wonderful resource for both teachers and parents. On this site students can view short movies on virtually any topic in all academic areas. Once the movies are viewed there are different activities, experiments & quizzes related to the topic. So far we have viewed movies on World War II, Budgeting, and Checking.

The website does require a subscription, however I encourage you to take a look….



LABBB Craft Fair: Saturday, December 3rd

The second annual LABBB Craft Fair to benefit the Best Buddies Program will be held Saturday, December 3rd from 9am-3pm in The Lexington High School Cafeteria II (follow the signs). Come check out over 30 vendors selling their crafts (jewelery, art…); what a great place to get your holiday shopping done!

Happy Thanksgiving, from Room 825!

We all hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday!


11:45 Dismissal Tuesday, November 23rd

No School Thursday 24th and Friday 25th 

Some things Students in room 825 are Thankful for….



“Being good at basketball”

“Lots of love in the family”

“Parent’s support”






“That I have a house to live in.”

“Toys my dad gave me for my birthday”

“brothers and sister

“That I am healthy”

History in Our Backyard

On Tuesday, November 08th,  6 students in Mrs. Niman’s afternoon group took a mini-field trip to the Minute Man National Park in Lincoln, MA.  There, the students viewed a 25 minute presentation detailing the history of the Revolutionary War as it relates to the surrounding area. After the presentation we took a few minutes to look around the center and discuss what we had all just watched.

Students were asked to state one piece of information they learned:

“A Minute Man is a Colonist soldier from the Revolutionary War”

“The Colonists wanted freedom from Britain”

“Regulars is another name for Redcoats.”

“One if by land, two if by sea.”

“The colonists and the British fought in the war.”

“More British soldiers were killed during the war than colonists.”

Please click on the following link to check out the Minute Man National Park Website