Thanks to All Who Donated!

On Wednesday, December 14th, Students from FHouse Room 825 took a trip to the Burlington Mall to shop for our sponsored children…a 10 year old boy and 2 year old girl. With generous donations from staff and student families we raised $300 dollars to help make the holidays special for this family. We bought winter coats, hats, blankets, mittens, clothes, PJs and even a couple of toys for each child. On Friday during social group the students and staff wrapped the gifts in preparation for December 22nd when the gifts will be officially donated!

Thanks again for your generosity!


Student Thoughts…

During computer class recently, we asked the students to type a “top 4” list choosing from the following topics…

Favorite Hobbies

Favorite Movies

Favorite Books

Here are those responses, lets start with hobbies.

                                                      Stay tuned for more lists…


1.Read books

2.Play computers

3. Help my parents

4. Build lego factories


1. Computer

2. T.V.

3. Read books

4. Sports


1. Geneology

2. Football

3. Cooking

4. Stamp Collecting


1. Text

2. Making braclets

3. You Tube

4. Drawing


1. Video Games

2. Movies

3. Hanging out with friends

4. Computer