“Live” Science with Dr. Kristy Townsend

Science is FUN!

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Students in the Niman/Chaisson classroom at LABBB Lexington High, are starting a unit on Cells and Genetics for Biology class.

On Tuesday, February 12th we had a guest Neuroscientist, Dr. Kristy Townsend, come into the class to help lead the students in a science experiment about cells, genetics and DNA.

Dr. Townsend began with a brief introduction of what cells are and what makes up living things. Students had a discussion about DNA and the structure of cells using hands on models of a plant cell. Students then had the opportunity to examine an orange slice, in which they could see a cell with their eyes!

This led to the main experiment where students actually extracted DNA from a strawberry using a simple formula of dish detergent, salt, alcohol and a lot of mashing and stirring.

**Please click on the links at the bottom to view the lesson, power point presentation and worksheets

Dr. Townsend wrapped up her presentation with a discussion about genetics and traits that are inherited through our DNA such as curly hair, upturned nose and freckles.

We appreciated having Dr. Townsend’s expertise and enthusiasm for science brought into the classroom.

Is it Living or Not? intro worksheet

DNA Power-point

Human Genetics Survey