October Newsletter

Room 715…Niman/Chaisson

      It’s been a busy September in room 715! We have been working hard getting our new space organized as well as becoming reacquainted with each other after the month off. We recently concluded our English Unit on conflict. During July and September, students read various articles focused on the “Big” unit question: is conflict necessary? Each of the 10 articles was written about different types of conflict (family, friends, sports competition…). After many class discussions, students choose two of the articles and were asked to write a five paragraph essay in which they answered the big question using details and examples from the articles and real life. We enjoyed reading and sharing all the essays. The essays are currently displayed in the room for everyone to enjoy!

PEMDAS, PEMDAS, PEMDAS….we have been concentrating on this important order of operations rule for the past month. We have used some great visuals and pneumonic devices to help the students remember how to solve these sometimes complicated equations. Students had the chance to use the Promethean Board to complete examples and are taking a final “quiz” for mastery before we move on to more complex algebraic problems, like balancing equations.

The Biology Cellular Unit will be ongoing as it is one of five themes for the Biology MCAS. Currently, we are learning the basics of what a cell is and the different parts that make-up these microscopic units of life. Students are comparing and contrasting plant and animal cells and even got a chance to take a virtual tour of a cell on the following website…www.biology4kids.com

Finally, this year we are continuing with World History II, and concentrating on the Western Hemisphere (Ancient North, Central, and South America). Students read four chapters in their history books, engaged in group discussions, and are currently beginning a cumulating project based on the theme. In November we will be taking a travel training trip to the Museum of Science to tour the current exhibit, Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed,” and will attend the IMAX movie, “Mysteries of the Maya.”

We are looking forward the rest of the school year. So far, the students have been working hard and are eager to learn more. Here’s to a successful year for all students and staff here at LABBB!